Bootstrap Block File

Here is information about the block file that can be used to synchronize the wallet and save traffic. Above information about usage it.

Name Value
Network mainnet
Last Block Index 748000
Last Block Hash 2e81047e771b3b551ffa3b5161fa110c8c52fa8d720a4eb3018a38d1a217eee9
SHA256 file sum 924f531b3e674ed949d8d9412e726118c192ab01dfa2ea2b64c4cd67ff1df5f4

How it use

  1. Download bootstrap file bootstrap.dat
  2. Stop QRAX Core Wallet if it is running
  3. Copy file bootstrap.dat to data folder
  4. Run QRAX Core Wallet and wait while is synced


Link: Bootstrap file bootstrap.dat

Default data dir on various operation system

  • OS Windows 7 and later: %appdata%\QRAX (ex. C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\QRAX)
  • Mac OS: ~/Library/Application Support/QRAX
  • Unix: ~/.qrax